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Keeping workers safe for over 40 years


For over 40 years, our team of professional safety footwear expert guides have taken pride in providing the absolute best in customer service. We truly love what we do, because we recognize that keeping your employees safe is important work worth doing well. We bring that enthusiasm for our jobs into every customer interaction, on-site environment assessment, and safety event that we are a part of. We hope you’ll grant us an opportunity to show you why we’re the number one safety footwear provider in the world.

Coleman McDonald


I have the best job in the world – leading a dedicated team of professionals that help keep workers safe and employers compliant. I joined Work Wear Safety Shoes in 2016 as President/CEO. Before that I was a corporate consultant, and I also had the privilege to serve 11 years as a Fighter Pilot in the Air Force. I’m a Fort Worth native and a proud graduate of Baylor University. Let me know how Work Wear Safety Shoes can help you manage your safety shoe program.

Matthew Hudson


As the Chief Experience Officer, I make sure that anything that impacts the Customer’s Experience with our company is remarkable every customer – every time. I have over 30 years in retail, myself and love the fact that we are focused on the wellness of our customers and not just their safety. I’m a member of the ASTM Committee (F13) on footwear, have authored 4 books on retail and have a PhD in Organizational Behavior. But what’s really important is my family. I have a son (much smarter than me) who is a controller of an oil and gas firm in Texas and 3 elementary aged daughters.

Andrew McDonald


There is nothing more enjoyable than engaging with our great Work Wear team to take care of our customers’ safety footwear needs. I joined Work Wear Safety Shoes in 2016 as Managing Partner after spending my earlier years as an operator and consultant of small businesses based in Texas. My wife and our family are residents of Fort Worth; we enjoy spending our time away from work listening to live music and cheering on our Texas Tech athletic teams. We would love to partner with you to help keep you and your employees safe on the job—contact us today!

Steve Bowman


Tony Rivera


I am originally from California, but I was raised in Texas—and yes, I am a Die hard Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys fan. I had the privilege of becoming part of the Work Wear Safety Shoes family in 2007 and have 23 years of Route Sales experience in various markets. I love my job and take pride in serving our Customers helping them keep their workers safe, productive and happy on the job.

Brooke Swadley


After 8 years in Oil and Gas Sales and Leadership I was lucky enough to join the Work Wear team in 2021 to grow the Safety Shoe Partnerships in Colorado and Wyoming. Fostering lasting relationships with our customers to ensure not only safety on the job, but reduce injury while providing them a remarkable experience! Contact me today to talk about how we can help you ensure the wellness of your most valued assets – your employees!

Natasha Martinez


I love my job. I get to help people stay happy and safe on the job so they can put food on their families tables. And that is a really important task that I take very seriously.

Mark Tedder


Renee Wright


I get the fun role at Work Wear Safety Shoes helping our Customers who do not fit into one geography. I handle accounts that utilize all of our channels of have special needs for their program. My favorite food group is chocolate and I am always ready with a brannock in hand for those hard to fit soles.

Lisa Herring


I joined Work Wear Safety Shoes in 2011 and have had many roles here, but this one is my favorite. I love my job and take pride in serving our Customers helping them keep their workers safe, productive and happy on the job.

Lisa McDougal


After 10 years of working as a HR business partner for the Railroad I decided to start a new journey with this excellent team. I joined Work Wear Safety Shoes in 2017 and am blessed to work with a group of people who truly embody Work Wear’s mission, vision and values. I am an active member of the Worksite Wellness Leaders Alliance and Fort Worth HR. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family including watching my 3 boys play baseball.

Jeri Bielefeldt


I joined Work Wear Safety Shoes in 2016. By day, I manage all of our merchandise assortment and planning for Work Wear Safety Shoes. I get the Safety and Wellness assessments from our sales team and determine the best assortment for our Customers. In other words, I am more of a curator of the best safety footwear and gear since I pick sort through tons of offerings to select only the best for our Customers.

Linda, Jenny, & Lisa


Our commitment to Customer Experience is grounded in our team of veterans who handle your specialized needs. These ladies bring a ton of safety shoe experience to the job and have the best smiles and warmest personalities anywhere.

Darion Daniels


Steve Campbell


My role at Work Wear Safety Shoes allows me to spend a lot of time on the ground with our customers. I enjoy learning about their various workplace environments and the types of hazards their employees are exposed to daily. We partner with these companies to select the proper safety footwear to protect employees from injuries, and to protect organizations from compliance-related liability issues. This has been my passion for more than 20 years. When not working I am an avid cyclist and fisherman.

Charles Flowers


Tami Newman


Adam Ankney


Joshua Gonzalez