Is your safety shoe program as safe as it could be?

Most safety shoe program only focus on one part of the equation – keeping workers safe. But the best programs consider 3 things:


Keeping Works Safe, Productive and Happy on the job.


Shoes that meet ASTM F2413-18 Standards for safety


A broad assortment that fits every type of feet & anti-fatigue insoles for every employee


Happy workers work harder and stay longer. Shoes can cause turnover in your business. And turnover is the most expensive cost to an employer

We turn the safety requirements that no one likes
into a program that everyone loves.


1. Schedule a call.

Give us 20 minutes and we’ll show you how we can take the safety shoe burden off your plate so you’re freed up to do other things. (We can even do a FREE onsite hazard assessment if you’d like.)


2. Get our expert guidance.

We’ll build a safety shoe program tailored to your needs—one that works seamlessly.


3. Launch your program.

We’ll fit your employees the right way the first time. We’ll keep the billing and accounting easy. And we’ll be available to help with any problem, at any time.


4. Simplify your life.

Breathe a sweet sigh of relief: You won’t have to stress about safety footwear ever again.

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8 Questions to Ask Before You
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