An omni-channel experience from a retailer who’s fanatical about Fit, Safety and Wellness.

✓ Digital vouchers

✓ Employee purchase records

✓ Online account management

SafeXpro is your one stop safety footwear program management solution. SafeXpro’s account management center allows you unlimited access to all information regarding your safety footwear program, online and on the go, 24/7.


Digital Voucher


At the heart of SafeXPro is our Digital Voucher which puts you in control of your customized program.


• Each Digital Voucher has a unique digital signature (code) that is trackable and traceable by you 24/7 through our online portal •

• It manages subsidies, payroll deduction, safety requirements, and footwear or gear specs across all of our channels •

• That means you can feel confident that whether your employee gets fit in one of our Superstores, onsite in one of our
Mobile Stores or online via our website, the controls you need in place to ensure compliance are always there •

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Ensures Compliance with Your Program


• Allows you to distribute in real-time (think new hires)

• Controls that only the employees you want to have a voucher do

• Creates a digital record of the transaction and stores it in your account for compliance control and reporting

• Like to operate off of an Employee List? No problem, just send us your list with a unique identifier for each employee (such as email or Badge Number) in advance and we will create the Digital Vouchers for you

Eliminates the Need for Paper Vouchers

Many companies use paper forms to execute their program. But with our Digital Voucher system, each employee can be given a unique code.

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Employee Purchase Records

We create a separate record for each of your employees in our system.


• Easy returns and exchanges

• Assist our fanatical commitment to fit. With notes and history by employee, we can ensure that we are getting them the best fit for their unique foot shape while maintaining the safety requirements you have established

Online Account Management


Greater Transparency and Trackability on Orders


By integrating our returns and exchanges options online as well as our shipping details, any employee can check the status of his or her order on their own, 24/7 – regardless of how or where they made the original purchase.

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Online In-House Billing

That’s right, no more paper. We do all our own billing.


• Consolidated invoices of purchases from all of our channels

• Bills sent via email in PDF or HTML format or both

• View, print or pay your invoices online anytime in SafeXPro

• Customized billing times and terms

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Online Account Management

Access your data on your time.


• Check your active vouchers

• See transaction history

• Check your invoices

• Check your safety requirements

Who knew a great safety shoe experience could be so easy?

Phone Call

1. Schedule a call.

Give us 20 minutes and we’ll show you how we can take the safety shoe burden off your plate so you’re freed up to do other things. (We can even do a FREE onsite hazard assessment if you’d like.)


2. Get our expert guidance.

We’ll build a safety shoe program tailored to your needs—one that works seamlessly.


3. Launch your program.

We’ll fit your employees the right way the first time. We’ll keep the billing and accounting easy. And we’ll be available to help with any problem, at any time.


4. Simplify your life.

Breathe a sweet sigh of relief: You won’t have to stress about safety footwear ever again.

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