Maximum safety meets legendary service.

✓ Expert Assessments

✓ Customized Plans

✓ Managed Solutions

Safety shoe programs are like safety boots…
one size doesn’t fit all.

What if online shopping doesn’t work for your team?

What if your bosses prefer an electronic voucher system?

What if you have workers who are diabetic and need special shoes?

What if you’d like to set up a payroll deduction plan?

You need Work Wear’s famous “omni-channel” service.

When it comes to service, we’ve thought of everything.

Retail Superstores

At our 12 stores across the southwest (TX, AR, NM and CO) we stock more than 65 brands and 300+ styles.

Mobile Stores

Our Shoemobiles bring Work Wear “fit experts” and more than 1,000 pairs of footwear directly to your business!

Online Shopping

We offer a huge selection of work shoes, boots, socks and insoles, for men and women, and for feet of all sizes..

A Digital Voucher System

Our SafeXPro digital voucher system tracks everything, eliminates the need for paper vouchers, and ensures compliance.

Free Hazard Assessments

Invite us to visit your workplace at our cost and we’ll recommend the footwear plan that that will best protect your team.

Payroll Deduction Plans

With a corporate account and SafeXPro, you’ll be able to easily manage and track individual payroll deductions.

There’s “safe”…
and then there’s
“Work Wear Safe.”

Getting Work Wear’s world-class, “omni-channel” service is easy:

Phone Call

1. Schedule a call.

Give us 20 minutes and we’ll show you how we can take the safety shoe burden off your plate so you’re freed up to do other things. (We can even do a FREE onsite hazard assessment if you’d like.)

Handshake 3

2. Get our expert guidance.

We’ll build a safety shoe program tailored to your needs—one that works seamlessly.


3. Launch your program.

We’ll fit your employees the right way the first time. We’ll keep the billing and accounting easy. And we’ll be available to help with any problem, at any time.

Women 1

4. Simplify your life.

Breathe a sweet sigh of relief: You won’t have to stress about safety footwear ever again.

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Download Free PDF:

8 Questions to Ask Before You
Select a Safety Shoe Provider