What is the ASTM?

ASTM International is one of the largest voluntary standards developing organizations in the world. We are a not-for-profit organization that provides a forum for the development and publication of international voluntary consensus standards for materials, products, systems and services. Our volunteer members represent producers, users, consumers, government, and academia from more than 140 countries. They develop technical documents that are the basis of manufacturing, management, procurement, codes and regulations for dozens of industry sectors.

ASTM volunteer members belong to one or more standards-writing committees, each of which covers a subject area such as steel, petroleum, medical devices, consumer products, nanotechnology, additive manufacturing and many more. These committees develop the more than 12,000 ASTM standards found on our site and in the 80-volume Annual Book of ASTM Standards.

Work Wear Safety Shoes are members of the ASTM. In fact, our CXO, Matthew Hudson is a member of the F2913 committee which deals specifically with safety toe footwear standards.

Founded in 1898, the Association of Testing and Materials currently publishes over 12,000 standards at use in 140 countries around the world. What is a standard you ask? According to ASTM’s website, a standard is a document that has been developed and established through ASTM’s consensus principles and which meets the requirements of our procedures and regulations. Full consensus standards are developed with the participation of stakeholders with an interest in their development and use.

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